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Poor quality work can kill

Free estimate for air duct repairThe most overlooked and ignored part of your heating and air conditioning system is the air duct system. This system is conduit by which all of the heated air, all of the cooled air and all of the cleaned air reached the furthest corners of your home or business.

But, ignoring the ducting in the home typically only costs you money through utility overpayments, equipment breakdowns, increased allergy like symptoms and more house cleaning. What if your air ducts are just plainly installed wrong?

The picture shows a job by a local contractor that regularly advertises in the paper as their primary source of new customers. I was called out to determine why the symptom smelled so bad in the home. The homeowner called the company that installed many times and they repeatedly failed to show up to address the problem.

This garage ducting is installed incorrectly because it makes a sharp bend going through the drywall cutting off airflow, but it is also the incorrect type of ducting. Flexible ducting cannot be installed in a garage and can never cross through a firewall. The wall between your garage and the rest of your home is rated as a firewall. Garage fires are the most common firewall in the United States and the building code strives to make sure to contain them in the garage. Flexible ducting will melt and the flames will quickly spr3ad through the home.

The smell? The smell turned out to be a gas leak on the piping that the “newspaper” contractor installed and was being pulled into the furnace because the ducting was not sealed at the garage floor. All these problems would have been resolved at the time of the installation if the homeowner had insisted on a city permit. The city inspector would have caught this poor quailty heating installation.


Home air duct repair, home air ducting repair

Where are the heat losses?

Airflow losses from ductingThis graph is from the department of energy and depicts heat losses through the home. According the the enormous amount of grant money that you and I paid for through taxes and was spent at universities with marble walls and tenured professors about 15% of the heat loss through air escaping is from the ducting in your home. That is certain a serious concern as the ducting has relatively a small surface area to loss heat through than the rest of your home.

What the study doesn’t mention is whether or not the ducting was in use, had air moving through it, whether this is in heating season and the furnace is running or cooling season and the air conditioning system is running.

The Louisiana cooperative and several other organizations have, for years, been conducting more real world studies concerning ducting and it’s affect on your bottom dollar, utility usage. It turns out that he average system loses between 35% and 45% of every lost btu (British thermal unit with 1 ton of air conditioning equaling 12,000 btus) through the ducting. Your ducting is the greatest loss in the your entire system for heating and air conditioning.

That is where we come in. We are here to help and we are experts in sizing, installing and maintaining your ducting system. We have the know how, we’ve been to the classes and we have the proper equipment to catalog and record the losses and congratulate you on your wins. Your wins are, of course, lower monthly utility overpayments from a more efficient, more comfortable and cleaner home and business air conditioning and heating system.

Our guaranties, in writing on each and every agreement, mean that you are in control. They mean that the job will be done right the first and if not we will give you back your investment, all of it or fix it to your satisfaction. We just don’t believe that there is any room in our work for poor quality or cheap repairs.

Home air duct repair, home air ducting repair

Commercial Ducting Commercial ducting

New ducting and repairing ducting in a commercial environment is usually just functional, but on occasional a company wants the ducting to become part of the artwork on the show hall. We can perform any type of ducting that you want. Air distribution ducting in metal, air distribution ducting the is flexible, air ducting made from cloth. We can hide the ducting above drop ceilings or leave it exposed for an industrial look.

We have the experience and the know how to do whatever type of ductwork maintenance, ductwork repair or ductwork installation that you can dream of. Give us call and find out what we can do for you.

We install exposed ducting on rooftops and hanging aluminum ducting, steel ducting and fabric ducting in warehouses. We can deliver duct runs to serve individual work stations throughout the warehouse enviroment with station controls for maximum employee comfort and on the job performance.

Home air duct repair, home air ducting repair

Residential air ductingFlexible ducting

Flexible ducting and metal ducting materials are just about the same as any other type of product you can invest in. There are different grades or qualities of each and not every grade of ducting will work for every type of ductwork installation or duct repair.

The picture shows class one flex-duct. It is the standard for new home construction. Most companies use R4.2 insulated ducting as it is the minimum acceptable by the code and it is the cheapest. We use R6 and can order higher levels of insulation for you. The ducting we install gains about 33% more usable  btus from lack of losing them through the surface area of the ducting. You won’t be getting any more btus from your furnace output, but you will be losing less of those utility driven btus to your attic. We here at The Empire Family of Services just feel that if you are paying your utility company for the heating and air conditioning in your home that you should receive that heating and air conditioning. It doesn’t do any good to waste heating and cooling by dumping btus into your attic.

Home air duct repair, home air ducting repair

Metal ducting replacedInstallation is almost everything

Most installations leak airflow and that is why the rules and regulations for duct testing have been so strict. This metal plenum is sealed correctly. It uses a latex lagging adhesive to attach the flexible ducting to the metal distribution plenum. Then a mechanical fastener (giant zip tie) is used, 2 layers of UL181B-fx tape and then the outer jacket is installed and the process repeated. It seems like a lot of overkill, but we know if it isn’t done correctly the ducts will fall off and Ton’s of air will escape. Poorly installed ducting costs homeowners and buisness millions each year.

Save money be repalcing your old ductworkTime to Save

We can save you significantly in both your electric utility overpayments and your gas utility overpayments by not only ensuring that you have the most efficient system that your system can be, but by making sure that the air you are conditioning is actually making make into the living areas of your home.
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